The essential features for State Company

For Agricultural Supplies (SCAS)


From the earlier beginning , the State Company For Agricultural Supplies was defined with great, fruitful deeds and achievements in addition to contribute on restoring the Agriculture sector and plant production in the name Agricultural supplies Department in 1976. But then, and for work requisites and public interest it was called (The State Company for Agricultural Supplies), self-financed and the most important company of Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture , working according to the Act (22) for 1977. This esteemed company has (15) branches in our precious country except Kurdistan.

Our targets are in developing the agriculture process in Iraq through providing the agro-requirements of machines, equipment, irrigation systems, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, plastic greenhouses and all other Agro-requirements that Agriculture Sector needs from well-known global and local origins. As well as, SCAS aims to use and promote the new techniques in Agriculture sector and stock goods in addition to supporting the farmers , landlords in requirements and tasks of planting and harvesting. Thus, State Company For Agricultural Supplies has realized an increase in production and productivity to get the aimed agro-wealth.

The Engineer

Essam J. Al-Hassany

Director General

Chairman of The Board



The procedures of SCAS work

•  Planning and announcement.

•  Offers and Awarding.

•  The Contracting and Opening L/C.

The Customs Clearance and Goods Delivery in our Warehouses



State Company for Agricultural Supplies (SCAS)


State company for Agricultural Supplies is one important formation of Ministry of Agriculture of Iraq , a self-financed and distinctive in its commercial and servicing activity for Agriculture sector. This company interests in providing all agro-requirements that Agriculture Sector needs in both parts of Plant and Animal .

We, as the first Company for Ministry of Agriculture deal with all global and regional companies of well-known origins through their participation in our tenders issued on our website ( www.iraqiscas .com) after registering them in our company by providing us their papers.

These companies can deal with us in one of two ways of procurement which are :-

•  Announced tender.

•  Direct sale for Goods.